Italian job - 10/07/2006

ITALIAN JOB with Daniel and Patrick in july _06
Railway transmission
Railway gearboxes and transmissions

OMSI Trasmissioni S.p.A. designs and manufactures transmissions drives for railway equipment.
Design analysis are performed based on customer specifications for the manufacture of various types of gearboxes configured as follows:
• Conical pinion with perpendicular input to the axle.
• Integral transfer case with single input and dual output drive option.
• Cylindrical gears with parallel axis.
• Mounting flanges for direct coupled hydrostatic motors.

The variety of transmissions and gearboxes included through the line of production gives OMSI Trasmissioni S.p.A. the flexibility to provide transmissions for vehicles with hydrostatic, electrical or mechanical drive systems, also with railway bogies configuration.

The vast range of railway gearboxes of OMSI Trasmissioni S.p.A. satisfies the requirement of different applications, including:
• Various drive ratios available.
• Capacity from 30 to 250 kN per axle.

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